Bunker's Mill Winery

In the 1830s, Isaac Bunker and his sons moved to this area and built three mills on the banks of Whetstone Creek - a grist mill, a lumber mill and a carding mill (for which the Village of Cardington is named). These three mills began the Community that has become present day Cardington, Ohio, and it is in honor and memory of Mr. Bunker that we gave our Winery his name.

The winery building itself is one of the many buildings rebuilt after the 1981 tornado tore through the Village. Prior to the tornado, this was the location of the casket shop and Funeral Home. After rebuilding, this building has housed a hardware store, a doctor's office, a church, a daycare center and finally, a Community Theater just prior to Winemaker Jerry and Winery Manager Rick coming in to turn the building into the current Bunker's Mill Winery.


102 E. Main Street
Cardington, Ohio 43315