Our Wines


White Wines
Crisp Linen -  $12/bottle - $5/glass
This light bodied sweet white from the Riesling grape is balanced with crisp tartness of green apple flavoring.

White Satin $12/bottle - $5/glass
This light bodied sweet  white wine comes from the Pinot Gris grape and is flavored with a hint of White Cranberry.

Velvet Touch - $13/bottle - $6/glass
Our Sweet Moscato from California Muscat grape.  A very trendy, popular, sweet white wine.

Vignoles $15/bottle - $6/glass
A Lake Erie region, semi-sweet, white wine. Highly aromatic, it has notes of baked pineapple, apricot, ripe apple, and orange marmalade. In tasting expect notes of citrus, apricot and papaya.

Diamond - SOLD OUT - BACK SPRING 2022 - $14/bottle - $6/glass A Lake Erie region, sweet, fragrant and fruity It has notes of pineapple and tropical fruits.
Cayuga - $15/bottle - $6/glass
A Lake Erie region white  wine, when drank young displays hints of grapefruit and cut grass mellowing into subtle flavors of apricot, melons

and peach as it is allowed to age.  Both dry and sweet
versions are available.
Chardonnay - $15/bottle - $6/glass
A light-bodied dry white wine from the Lake Erie region. Crisp Citrus and Melon tastes. Unoaked.
Symphony - $15/bottle - $6/glass
A medium-bodied dry white wine from the Symphony grape.  Aromas of melon, grapefruit, mango, peach and papaya.

Sweet Scarlet - $15/bottle - $6/glass
Strawberry-Rhubarb Sweet White

Peach - SOLD OUT $14/bottle - $6/glass
Sweet Wine made from Peach Juice

Blush Wines
Blind Men’s Blush - $12/bottle - $5/glass
$12/bottle - $5/glass This light bodied sweet blush in the style of White Zinfandel is bursting with flavors of blackberry, strawberry, passion

fruit and black currant.  

Blushed Suede - $12/bottle - $5/glass 
This light bodied sweet blush in the style of White Zinfandel is bursting with Dragon Fruit and perfectly blended with tangy Raspberry

Red Wines
Blue Denim - $12/bottle - $5/glass
This light bodied sweet red comes from the Pinot Noir grape and is then flavored with a sweet burst of blueberry flavoring.  

Pirates' Silk $12/bottle - $5/glass
A light bodied sweet red wine flavored with rich, tart Black Cherry.
Crimson Cashmere $20/bottle - $7.50/glass
A Full-Bodied sweet Red Blend flavored with Chocolate and Raspberry.

Cabernet Franc - $17/bottle - $7.50/glass
A light-bodied, dry red wine with smooth fruit flavors. Lightly oaked with just a hint of black pepper on the end.
Merlot - $16/bottle - $6/glass
A medium-bodied, dry red wine with aromas of caramel, French vanilla and fresh raspberry. Spicy with flavors of black pepper, currant and a hint of rich cocoa.

Harvey’s Red $18/bottle - $7.50/glass
A classic Bordeaux-style, dry red wine blend comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. A full-bodied, dry red wine with prominent aromas of dark cherry and hints of blackberry, black currant, chocloate and caramel.  Bright acidity with a good mid-palate mouth feel.

Cabernet Sauvignon - $17/bottle - $7.50/glass
A medium-bodied dry red wine  with a soft  French oak  nuance to compliment the fruit.  With essence of earthy  plum and black cherry, premium California grapes provide a medley of sweet dark fruit flavors.

Tempranillo $19/bottle - $7.50/glass
A medium-bodied California grown dry red wine  widely added to red blends, but simply astounding on it's own with hints of cherry, fig, clove and black pepper.

Zinfandel - $16/bottle - $6/glass
A bold, dry red wine with jammy fruit flavors. Lightly oaked and very smooth

Bunker's Blend $20/bottle - $7.50/glass
A delightful blend of Petit Verdot and Syrah, easy to sip on its own or paired with grilled meats, sausages or barbecue chicken. Beautiful purpole color with notes of blackberry, clove pepper and allspice.