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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


(a work in progress. this will be continually updated. check back often.)


* "Can I get a Slushie to go?"
    Short Answer - NO. 
    Long Answer - The State of Ohio law allowing "to go" alcohol beverages applies only to establishments that serve full meals. We do not have a food license and our complimentary goldfish snack crackers don't qualify as a "meal". 

*"What beers do you have?"
   None. We have a license from the State of Ohio to manufacture and sell the wine we make only. No other alcohol is allowed in The Winery at all. This would put our business at big risk. 

* "Do you serve food?"
   We do not have a food license. We do serve complimentary goldfish snack crackers with our wines (cheese & crackers together, right?)  However, we do work with the local food establishments, The Cardington Market, Pirate's Cove, The Pizza Barn, Suz-E-Qs and Main Street Cafe. (check out Facebook for the menus of each of these locations) You can order from them for your food and bring it in to The Winery (though, some may deliver, if their staffing allows).  You are also able to bring in your own snacks and food. 

*"Are you pet friendly?"
   Yes, for certain animals (One of the owners is SEVERLY allergic to Cats. Therefore, Cats are NOT allowed in the Winery). As long as your pet is always under your control (leashed) and is friendly to people and other animals, you are allowed to bring your pet in to The Winery with you.

* "Are your wines 'organic/vegan/etc'?"
    No. We claim NO special qualification of our wines. (Winemaking Secret Tip - there is no such thing as a "sulfite-free" wine. Sulfites are a naturally occurring part of the wine making process. There are steps that can be taken to make sure there are as few sulfites as possible, but NO WINE will ever be "sulfite-free")

* "Can we do tastings at the Wine Bar?"
    There is seating at one end of the bar. You may be seated there for flights, glasses, etc. However, for the convenience of all guests, we ask that you not stand at the order station end of the bar for your samplings or flights. This prevents others from placing their order until you move out of their way.

* "Can I rent the Mill Room for my event?"
    Yes. Contact us directly for information about this.

* "Can I 'try' this wine?"
   Please explain what you mean by "try."  So many times, we have heard the request to "try" a wine and the meaning has been sample, get a glass, or buy a bottle. Don't be upset if we ask for clarification. 

* "What deal can you give me?"
    The State of Ohio law allows for only one single "deal" at Wineries - The Case Discount. At Bunker's Mill Winery, we define a "case" as 6 bottles of wine (does not have to be the same type of wine). For every 6 bottles of wine purchased, we are allowed to give you a 10% discount. Also, this discount applies to only full 6 bottle cases. If you purchase 8 bottles of wine, bottles 7 and 8 will be charged full price.


*"Where else can I buy your wine?"
   We are on the wine lists of several locations in Morrow County and North Central Ohio. We are on the Menu of The End Zone in Mount Gilead. We are also sold at Drive-Thru 95 and the KOA Campgrounds in Mount Gilead and in Shelby, Ohio.

* "Where is your Vineyard?" / "Do you make your own wines?"
   Bunker's Mill Winery is an "urban winery." This means we do not have our own Vineyard or grow our own grapes. And, Yes, we do make all of our wines, ourselves, here at The Winery. We use a combination of methods for sourcing grapes and juices. Our Dry Reds are made from fresh grapes sourced from California - The Alexander Valley, Paso Robles and Central Valley regions. We get fresh juices from the Lake Erie AVA region of Pennsylvania to craft our Dry and Semi-Sweet White wines. Our fruit and sweet wines are made from juice concentrates sourced from California.

* "Can I make a reservation?"
    No. There is no need for a reservation. Even under the seating and spacing restrictions we've operated under for the last year, we have only had one single time where we have been "at capacity."  We have plenty of seating with appropriate dividers and spacing to allow for maximum seating while adhering to current mandates and guidelines.

* "Can my child come in to the Winery?"

    Minors, 17 years old and younger, can be in The Winery as long as they are under constant supervision of their parent or guardian. Adults 18-20 can be in The Winery on their own, but, of course, will not be served any wine. We encourage parents to model responsible consumption of alcohol. Therefore, we encourage families to come into The Winery.