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Bunker's Mill Winery COVID-19 Stance After June 2, 2021

Update - October 2021

On June 2nd, 2021 all State of Ohio Covid related Health Mandates and Orders expired. At Bunker's Mill Winery, we want to take a responsible, yet reasonable approach to the ongoing pandemic going forward.

Even though Health orders and mandates are gone, the virus and illness are not. Going out in public still poses a risk. You, yourself, accept this risk when you step out your door each day.

If you are sick, with any illness, do not come in. If your family members with you are sick, do not come in. We'll see you back again when you're not sick. This is just logical. If you're sick, stay home and get well. (Remember, we still have delivery Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Check our website for details.)

Mask wearing is optional at The Winery. While the CDC recommends that everyone wears masks while indoors, regardless of vaccination status, this continues to be a decision we leave up to you. If you wear a mask, fine. If you don't wear a mask, fine.

We do have retractable partitions that can be installed in the Tasting Room and Mill Room that can be used. They will be available for use if a party wishes to separate their table from others.

Please remember to follow the basic guidelines of handwashing & distancing.

There will be NO seating restrictions for outdoor Patio seating other than physical capacity and weather. We will make use of outdoor seating for as long as we can. However, knowing that Winter weather is coming, we have installed air purifiers inside the Winery's Tasting Room and Mill Room. 

We will continue to monitor applicable CDC guidelines and State & Local Health Department guidance in regards to the pandemic.

We will adjust our policies as necessary.


102 E. Main Street
Cardington, Ohio 43315


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