Open tuesday - friday 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
saturday1:00 - 8:00 p.m.
tasting room&
pick-up window open same hours
delivery available on thursdays

sundays & mondays - closed

Bunker's Mill Winery REOPENING!

We're very excited to have The Winery back open again. Due to guidelines and restrictions from State and Local Health Orders, seats in The Winery or on the patio are LIMITED at this time. We will post clear "AT CAPACITY" signs on all doorways when we reach capactiy. (You will want to call ahead to check if we have open tables when you want to come in)

HOWEVER, BEFORE COMING TO THE WINERY, read EVERYTHING below and know that by coming to The Winery, you agree to all points in this statement.

The Coronavirus and COVID-19 are still out there. You venture out into the public knowing this and by doing so accept the risks of interacting with other people during this time.

Guidelines For Guests At Bunker’s Mill Winery
1 - Closing time of The Winery is firm. This is to ensure the proper amount of time for safe and healthy cleaning of The Winery by Staff.
2 – Guests wishing to only order bottles of wine to go will continue to use the Pick Up Window at the front of the building, to the left of the Main Street entrance.
3 – Prior to arrival, we request that you complete the COVID-19 Symptom evaluation. If you have these symptoms, or are otherwise sick, do not come to The Winery. Call us to let us know you will not be coming. Your appointment can always be rescheduled.
4 – Guests may bring in their own food. If ordering from another local eatery, order and pick up food before arriving to The Winery for your reservation. (Currently, The Cardington Market has indicated they will deliver to The Winery.)
5 – When arriving, (whether sitting indoors or on the Patio) use the front door (facing Main Street). When leaving, if seated indoors, use the side door at the bar (facing Marion Street). If seated on the Patio, please exit The Winery from the Patio itself.
6 - Unless arriving, ordering at the bar, leaving, or going to bathroom, guests are to remain seated and within the areas marked by blue tape on the floors. While guests are certainly welcome to converse with other guests, remain seated at your own table and do not combine tables or swap seating with anyone else at another table. If a single group, larger than 4 people, has reserved multiple tables, they may not move tables together.
7 – Guests will place orders at the bar one person at a time. (if you are able, have one person place orders for the entire table. Staff will help you carry orders to your table) If you wish to place your order and you see someone at the bar, please wait for that person to be seated before getting up from your own table. There is no seating at the bar.There will be no sampling at the bar.
8 - While seated and drinking, no mask is required. If you are not seated at your table (arriving, ordering, leaving, or going to the restroom), you are highly encouraged to wear your mask as a courtesy to your fellow guests and staff. (This is not a requirement, but a sincere request for courtesy.) Staff are required, by law, to wear masks as a requirement for the Winery reopening. No matter your view on mask wearing, please do not comment on Staff wearing masks. 
9 - No browsing in the Gift Shop. No touching of gift shop items. If you see something you want to buy, ask staff to retrieve it for you.

These policies have been created to best maintain a healthy and safe environment for Winery staff and guests in accordance with the current health orders, directives and laws. These policies are in place to allow us to remain open and continue to serve you and the community. As orders, directives and laws change to accomodate the pandemic situation, we will update our policies.

Thank you!


Locally Crafted Wines

Each bottle of wine you receive was produced and bottled at our winery in Cardington, Ohio from the finest grapes, fruits and juices primarily from California and Ohio. 

Bunker's Mill Winery adheres to the highest quality standards and gives special attention to even the most subtle details in the production of excellent wines.

Every step of the process takes time, but we are willing to take that time in order to produce exceptional wines. Our dry reds are aged at least 2 years in oak.

From sweet whites and blushes, dry whites and reds, Bunker's Mill Winery features a selection of fine wines that will please all palates and that will pair perfectly with any type of food.

We now also feature Personalized Labels on any bottle of wine at no extra charge (for printed labels).  This makes for an amazing gift for any occasion. Please visit our Labels section at Signature Wines website and let us know which label you want for your wine bottles.